South Carolina Agricultural Statistics

This publication* contains statistical information about South Carolina agriculture for 2006 (revised) and 2007 (preliminary) at the state and county level. It is a cooperative effort of the National Agricultural Statistics Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Applied Economics & Statistics, and Public Service and Agriculture at Clemson University. This cooperative relationship increases the amount of information available about agriculture. The Federal program provides comparable statistics for all states, while State funds make it possible to prepare and publish detailed statistics for South Carolina.

South Carolina agricultural information for previous years can be found in AE 497 (2005), AE 496 (2004), AE 495 (2003), AE 494 (2002), AE 493 (2001), AE 492 (2000) and AE 491 (1999). The monthly Farm Facts for South Carolina, has current information about South Carolina agriculture. The S.C. Weekly Crop and Weather Report is published weekly during the growing season. Other information can be found at the South Carolina Agricultural Statistics Service web site.

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Title page, Foreward, and Table of Contents (3 pages)
Crop Statistics (23 pages)
Individual pages
Farm numbers (2 pages)
All Livestock and Poultry Statistics (15 pages)
Individual pages
Cash Receipts, Farm Income, and Prices Received (10 pages)
Individual pages
S.C. County Extenstion Offices, S.C. Commodity Boards/Assns. (4 pages)
County Summary Tables - 1 page for each county - html format

*South Carolina Agricultural Statistics Service. 2008. South Carolina Agricultural Statistics, 2006 Revised, 2007 Preliminary. AE 498. Department of Applied Economics & Statistics, Clemson University, Clemson, SC 29634-0313
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South Carolina Agricuture and Forestry Research (SCAFR) is a cooperative program financed from Federal and State funds. It is the policy of the SCAFRS to comply with the regulations of Title VI, the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Complaints may be filed with the Director, South Carolina Agriculture and Forestry Research System, Clemson University, Clemson, S.C. 29634.

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